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Our goal is to provide the best local and long distance moving services for both commercial and residential relocations. Alliance offers premium moving services to every customer from the moment we provide the estimate to the completion of the moving job.
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We deliver packages and mailings thruoghout the city and Connecticut, New Jersey and more.
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Expert Trial Relocation Services

Dear Legal Assistant :

Out of town trial set-up, war room relocation, court house deliveries, document filing and retrieval, sort and long term storage options, furniture and equipment rentals, as well as intercontinental same-day deliveries are a few of the unique services Alliance has perfected over the years.

Alliance's overall success is attributed to having worked han-in-hand with legal assistants and court systems. Listening to the needs of the legal assistant has helped us to carve a unique niche in the industry. Simply put, there are no other comanies that can simultaneously or independently offer you all of the following services:

We can pick up, drop off, ship, store and move your files and court documents...

Intra-City Courthouse Transfers:

Alliance is available to transport both yourself and any boxes, display boards, equipmment, technology or other items to and from the courthouse. Simply give us the time and location, and we will have a van driver along with a helper available to help you transport whatever materials you need.

Alliance will also make itself available on the other end of the delivery to help unpack and set up the boxes in the manner that you need them. We also can provide shelving which we ship and assemble at the delivery point. All of this can be accomplished at a per box cost which is lower than any of the major carriers.

Out of Town Trial Relocation :

Alliance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to transport your boxes anywhere in the country. We will send someone to pack up, tape up and deliver your boxes overnight or same day if possible, to anywhere you designate. You no longer have to worry about FED EX or DHL cutoff times. We will transport your boxes according to YOUR schedule.

Court Document filing and retrieval:

Having carved out a niche within the legal community, Alliance is able to offer specialized service in the pick-up, delivery and filing of various court documents. Our couriers are familiar with the procedures of all courts within the Southern District of New York and New Jersey as well as the Northern District of Connecticut. You prepare the papers, we do the rest.

Equipment Rental :

Looking to rent a computer, server, printer, laptop, LCD monitor or projector for your office or trial needs? Alliance Equpment Rental Service has whatever you need. Our equipment is available immediately. Call in your request and it can be delivered and set upwithin 24 hours.

See how our equipment rental program can be tailored to stretch your budget and gaurantee you support when you need it. For more information please contact your Alliance representative.

Furniture Rental :

Alliance will provide rental of desks, chairs, file cabinets, or bring other furniture which you may temporarily need to set up your trial.

For Immediate Assistance Please call:


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